Buying Property in Thailand

With more than 14 million visitors annually to Thailand. Have you ever wondered where most of the visitors go or who is buying which property and where? Oddly enough the biggest buyers of property in Pattaya turns out to be the Russians, With more restaurants and businesses in Pattaya hiring Russian speaking staff, it sets the tone for what is coming to Pattaya – a boom in real estate prices, especially with fewer property units being built.

The resort locations of Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Hua Hin are the locations of 30% of the country’s luxury apartment inventory, and have as a whole experienced annual growth of 9.5% in international arrivals since 2003.

The biggest buyers of property in Thailand are the Russians, followed by the Thais, British, and Australians. Thailand has much to offer investors the opportunity to achieve good annual appreciation, rental yields of 6-10% and the ability to buy off plan projects with financing. Now before you run off and buy an apartment or villa off plan, consult and attorney to check the developer and property before oyu commit to the purchase. There are many property pitfalls in Thailand and we are at pains to point out to potential buyers that Thailand’s property market is unregulated. If the offplan purchase is not built, you do stand to lose your entire investment. Read these articles:

1. Buying off Plan in Thailand

2. Property Pitfalls for the new buyer

Both the articles will be of help to you if you are considering buying a property in Thailand. With it’s proximity to Bangkok and the new Suvarnabhumi airport, Pattaya is the most popular area to buy property in Thailand outside of Bangkok, with 66% of all new development launches for the nation in 2007.

With the current prices, Pattaya is still one of the best places to buy as the property is less expensive than any property units in Phuket. The average price per m2 for luxury property in Pattaya is around £2,000 per m2 – but studio apartments can be found in the center of Pattaya from around £20,000. In East Pattaya, properties are cheaper, and a 90m2, 2 bed 1 bath house within a village development with communal pool is currently on the market for £25,000 with a rental value of £200 per month.

Phuket, on the other hand, has a large range of properties on the island within the £50,000 to £100,000 price range.  Rental prices start from £300 per week for properties within complexes.


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