Investing in Property in Thailand

Investing in Property in Thailand
Investing in Property in Thailand

Investing in property in Asia can be risky however it has been done by thousands and have reaped rewards. Before buying any property always consult an attorney for legal advice on the property you wish to purchase. Also check what the return on investment would be at the current rentals. This is a brief example of a small property portfolio.


I bought a three-room HDB flat in Yishun for about $90,000 in 1993, and sold it for about $170,000 three years later. That was when I bought a five-room flat, also in Yishun, for $360,000. It was sold in 1999 at a loss of $60,000.That year; I bought a three-bedroom 1,270 sq ft condo in Serangoon for $550,000. I’ve just sold it for $700,000 to cut back on my liabilities.

In October last year, I bought a 2,850 sq ft four-bedroom penthouse along Yio Chu Kang Road for $1.25 million and spent another $100,000 renovating it.I have an investment property which is an 840 sq ft condo in Bangkok. This was bought in 2005 for $250,000 and is rented out at a return of 5 per cent per annum.

 What are you current returns in the US or UK?

Before you buy any property in Thailand, speak to a property lawyer first. More money is spent on average in litigation and trying to recover your money than on the actual transfer of the property. Investing in Thailand is always a good idea however the laws are not the same as your country and there is very little if any protection when you buy property in Thailand especially if you are buying offplan. Those are the most high risk investments you can make in Thailand.  See our article on litigation in Thailand.

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